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Bengaluru Homeless - for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless in society with respect & dignity

Objectives Impact

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Objectives of NAMMANE

1.Reduction of Homelessness by 25% by end of third year

  • To open more shelters in urban homeless pockets (providing shelter and support services to 2000 homeless people in 40 shelters)
  • To identify urban homeless (UH) through periodical surveys and MIS
  • To have continuous discussion with BBMP to have more shelters in the city
  • To facilitate housing schemes from various departments to eligible homeless families
  • To improve skills of UH for better employment opportunities
  • To facilitate loans for their business thus increasing their earning capacities
  • To work towards repatriation & restoration of UH
  • To facilitate Legal Aid services for the needy
  • To place the old and sick in suitable homes
  • To raise funds to address some of the above interventions  
  • To empower young community leaders & enable them to fight for the Rights of the Homeless

2.To enable homeless access rights and entitlements

  • To have continuous community meetings and give awareness on their Rights & Entitlements
  • To facilitate access to Social Security Schemes
  • To facilitate procurement of Voter IDs/ Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC), PDS (Public Distribution System) card, BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card, Pensions and Health Schemes.
  • To facilitate scholarships and widow pensions
  • To help the beneficiaries to open bank accounts
  • Train selected UH on their Rights & have periodical meetings with UH

3.To improve the health conditions of urban homeless

 A) Health services

  • Conduct regular health checkups & distribute medicines
  • Provide referral services to hospitals on a case-to-case basis
  • Provide First aid box in the shelters
  • To provide a clean & hygienic atmosphere in the shelters

 B) To address Emergency needs – Rescue and Rehabilitation.

  • To provide Ambulance services and Referrals.
  • To run helpline (24*7 service)
  • To help missing Adult Bureau specifically for repatriation and rehabilitation

 C) To provide nutritious Food at shelters and homeless pockets. 

 D) To provide clean toilets and basic sanitation facilities for the UH.

4.To involve concerned stakeholders for effective participation in UHL programme

  • Orientation and periodical capacity building programs for all the project and shelter staff.
  • Conduct sensitization programmes for Government and Non-governmental officials and other stakeholders.
  • Organizing exposure visits for stakeholders.
  • Preparation and utilization of IEC materials at appropriate places.
  • To bring NGOs/CBOs working with UH under the network umbrella to align services to different categories of UH (Homes for the aged, transit homes for sick, mentally ill, and others).

5.To create a knowledge and data center

  • Document Homeless Survey Reports, Progress Reports, create audio/video documentaries.
  • Prepare of IEC materials to empower UH on their Rights & to access project facilities by displaying it at appropriate places/UH Pockets.
  • Sensitization of stakeholders through website/Social media.
  • To record case studies & maintain a data base of the Homeless who accessed services from Nammane project through an MIS (Management Information System).

6.To advocate & lobby for Urban Homeless to get a dignified living

  • To advocate and lobby with BBMP and NULM for an increased number of shelters. To establish minimum 30 shelters by the end of third year in Bengaluru. 
  • To publish periodical articles/reports in the media.
  • To create & sustain an MIS system
  • To support unemployed UH with training/ upskilling/ reskilling and enabling them to secure livelihoods.
  • To facilitate BBMP to establish a City level monitoring committee, Shelter level monitoring committees & sustain it.
  • To advocate housing for the eligible UH families.
  • To advocate for rental housing and working hostels.