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Bengaluru Homeless - for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless in society with respect & dignity

Impact & Outreach

Impact so far

1000+ of the homeless were supported with medical needs and medical counselling.

500+ of the homeless were supported with Shelter registration & Family reconciliation.

300+ of social entitlements like Aadhar card, Voters ID card, Bank Account, job placements.

Outreach programs

Outreach programme is one of the key priority areas of Project Nammane. Our Field coordinators regularly visit UHL pockets & interact with UHL for gathering information regarding their lifestyle, problems, issues & needs.

We regularly conduct Community level meetings and Health camps for the UHL. Night visits are regularly done by our field coordinators to the place where the UHL stay.

Purpose of Outreach Programs

  • Spreading awareness regarding shelter homes & get them to the shelter.
  • Rescue referrals to other shelter homes for the disabled, elderly persons or who are suffering from diseases.
  • Ensuring the social security entitlements.
  • Providing essentials things to the UHL’s on seasonal & need base.
  • Providing the evidence-based information of UHL’s to the respective departments to ensure more shelters for UHL’s.
  • With the purpose to enhance number of shelters, the team Identifies vacant places & buildings in the BBMP zones & submit to BBMP about the same.
  • Work as a catalyst between UHL community & government department to ensure basic facilities.
  • Identifying other NGO’s working for disabled, elderly persons & referring those UHL’s to them.