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Bengaluru Homeless - for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless in society with respect & dignity

Case Studies

Causes of Homelessness

Migrant Workers

Addicts/ Alcoholics


Informal labour

Migrant Workers

Construction Workers

Lack of affordable housing

This young person Kumar from Bihar, aged 24 years came to Bengaluru to get financially independent. Being the eldest, Kumar is the breadwinner of his family. 

Kumar has a big family to feed back home. He is registered for an undergraduate program back in his hometown and returns every 3 months to write his exams. 

Presently, he is working for a distributor of a famous Pharma company. Kumar has plans of setting up a pharmacy in his hometown once he gains sufficient experience in his current job. So he wants to save up every penny he can. Though he earns about Rs. 8000 per month, a significant portion of the same is remitted home for expenses and savings for achieving his ‘pharmacy dreams’. 

The distribution agency where he works does not provide any basic facility like stay and Kumar ended up looking for Homeless Shelters like Nammane.    

Lack of affordable healthcare & Unemployment

Viji (name changed) who is 40 years old came to Bengaluru in search of a job 10 years ago. He started first by working in wholesale shop and later as a helper kitchen for functions in a choultry (marriage hall).  

One day, while he was at work, he slipped and fell in the kitchen and sustained severe burns on his right hand and chest. His employer provided very basic first aid and treatment and he was left to his own devices soon after. 

With his hands tied up, Viji was left with no job and had to stay on streets. Viji was homeless. Though he had all the necessary social documents, like the Aadhaar card, voter’s ID; he was unable to get any support. 

Viji says he is lucky to find the Nammane Shelter where all his basic needs are being taken care of. He is grateful for the the medical support he is receiving from the shelter for his health issues. He has been with the shelter for over 3 months and is slowly recovering.

Viji is looking forward to get fit and be upskilled for a suitable job in the near future.

Opportunity Scouting

Raju (name changed) is from the land of the Pashupathinath  – Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to Bengaluru in January 2021 in search of opportunities after completing his schooling.  His family of three sisters and aged parents are looking to him to support them. Raju is very keen to ensure that his sisters get a good education. 

Raju along with his friend have found a job cooking Chinese food. He is willing to do all and sundry work to help him raise enough money to return to Nepal.  “Staying in Nammane has been a good experience,” he said in his unique English. The place keeps him safe and he can store his limited belongings without fear.

Systemic failure (for people at risk)

Joshi (name changed), aged 55, came to Bengaluru from near Belgaum over 25 years back along with his 3 brothers and his family.  An SSLC dropout, and a weaver by profession, he is unmarried… 

After his brother’s death, he has no family he can stay with. With health challenges like hypertension and lack of a stable job, Joshi became homeless. He got to know of the Nammane shelter during one of IIC’s outreach programs and decided to make Nammane his home.  Joshi has been helping as a cleaner at the Nammane Upparpet shelter.

Poverty & Unemployment

Hanuma (name changed) is 34 years old and hails from Bellary.  A farmer by profession, he had taken loans to support his handicapped sister and family. His father committed suicide being unable to repay the loans. Hanuma moved to Bengaluru, to look for a job. 

Given his dire financial situation, he had no place to live. Nammane came to his rescue.  Hanuma was provided with shelter at Nammane and supported to find a job.  Currently, Hanuma works as a security guard for a speciality hospital and is able to send money to his family regularly.