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Bengaluru Homeless - for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the homeless in society with respect & dignity


Handbook on Institutionalizing Basic Services For the Urban Homeless

The handbook seeks to serve as a guide for Policy Makers, Administrators, Urban Local Bodies (ULB), Political Representatives, Non- government Organizations operationalizing the Shelter for Homeless (SUH)

Shelters for the Urban Homeless

Even while sustaining cities with their cheap labour, urban homeless persons live desperately hard lives with no shelter or social protection. The courage, fortitude and sheer enterprise that allows the homeless to survive on the streets is not recognized or channelized.

Understanding Disaster Vulnerability of Chennai’s Homeless

Over the years, there have been several enumerations of homeless in the city ranging from 40,763 in 1989-90
by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority to the most recent 9087 by Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC). While the number of homeless may vary, their vulnerabilities have remained similar and related to lack of access to housing and basic services such as water, sanitation, food, education and healthcare.

Invisible City-Makers_An Action Research on Homelessness in Bangalore City 2010

‘Rome was not built in a day’ goes the proverb.
Yes! Much work goes in to the Making and Keeping of a City. Hands in the building and maintenance of a city are by and large migrant workers from less developed areas and the disadvantaged sections living in the city. This is why we address them as ‘The Invisible City Makers’.

NULM-SUH Revised -Guidelines

The National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy (NUHHP), 2007 aims at promoting sustainable development of habitat in the country with a view to ensuring equitable supply of land, shelter and services at aff ordable prices to all sections of the society. However, the most vulnerable of these are the urban homeless.

Summary of orders issued by the Supreme Court in WP 196/2001 on the urban homelessness and shelters issue.

The Supreme court order dated 20 January 2010 issued the following directions to Government of Delhi, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Cantonment Board


The learned Solicitor General has handed over an affidavit in the Court today. That may be taken on record. We have gone through the Final Report of the Committee 4 appointed by this Court. The Report of the Committee deals with 11 States and 2 Union Territories.