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January 22, 2020 - January 24, 2020

IIC supported about 150 families who were migrants from Assam, Tripura, Gujarat, and Bihar in a Bellandur slum.

500 migrants, living in the slums of Bellandur for the past 10 to 15 years, were asked to vacate the slums by BBMP under slum clearance operation project. 

An impact assessment of the situation was carried by a team from IIC on the 22nd January 2020. A second visit was done on 24th January 2020 to further understand the situation, the reasons for displacement and their concerns. IIC team took a stand about the situation and approached Mr. Jayaram – Rotary Club for assistance for basic need of the displaced.

With further discussion with the Titan team, the following materials were provided to the150 families:

Bed sheets 2. Steel Lunch Plate 3. Sambar Spoons 4. Rice spoon Big   5. Steel Water Glass,   6. Plastic Drum with caps (50 Ltrs) 7. Tarpaulin sheets 8. Carpets & mats 9. Aluminum rice handi 10.  Sanitary Pads 11. Plastic Mugs